It is very comforting when you are in a stressful situation to communicate with your guides. Most of us have at least two.  Their mission is to help, protect, and guide you while you are on your earthly sojourn.  Like your Higher Self, they exist in another dimension - but are able to hear you when you cry out to them for help. They are powerful  conduits and it is easier to communicate to the God source with their assistance.   This is their sole purpose.

To communicate with your guides you have to acknowledge their presence and appreciate all they do because they love you.  Many times they have saved you from danger, inspired you with a solution to a problem, sent healing to you, and prevented your from doing something you would later regret. They are your source of inspiration.  You are able to feel their presence in meditation.  Once you are aware of their divine guidance, you will love them.  Express your love to them.  Visualize yourself in their arms when you seek comfort . . .


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Talk to your guides when you need answers and results. 

Use an exercise that you are familiar with to help relax and center yourself.  This will help you to receive information from your guides. 

There are three steps to familiarize yourself with:

Talking to Your Guides
 Stating Your Intention and Receiving Information


Self- Preparation:

Center yourself  and rid your mind of  thoughts that are not in universal love. If you feel unbalanced - do some deep breathing exercises - inhaling positive thoughts and energy - peace, happiness, confidence, etc. - then exhaling negative thoughts - worry, anger, doubt, anxiety, etc. Align your Chakra energies. Spend as much time as necessary to feel relaxed and peaceful.  Focus on the understanding that you are a God spark veiled in human form walking on Earth. Love yourself. Call to your guides.

Talking to Your Guides:

Acknowledge your guides' presence verbally out loud. Tell them that you love them and honor them for their work with you. Feel their love. Ask for them to touch you.  Understand the role of your guides as there is nothing you cannot create if you work with them. They are your conduits to the other side of the veil. They will bring your requests to the God source.

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State Your Intention - Listen

When stating your intent, use a strong visualization of what you wish to accomplish. See it already accomplished - the end result - and not how it is to be accomplished. See the end result as though you had been totally successful in the first moments of your work. Do a verbalization out loud of the end result - repeating "and so it is". Do this a total of three times. Feel that what you are doing is of the utmost importance. Speak slowly and with conviction and peace. Realize your power. And do this as you would order it done.

This is not a request of the universe at this point. This is a generated thought action meant to create a final result. You must understand that you are creating now - not asking. Be very careful to visualize what you want - for this is what will take place.

When you are finished sending your intent, sit in total silence and meditation. This is when you will receive information or simply receive the Love Energy from your guides.

Most of us have at least two guides

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It is important to understand that when the other side of the veil works with you - they work literally.  In addition, the universe does not know when you are asleep or awake, bad or good. Never assume that all you have to do is wait for good things to drop from the heavens for you. However, if you are balanced and you are following your path, your windows of opportunity will come along for you to walk through.

If the universe sees that you are successfully transmuting negative to positive, it sees you as doing your job and fulfilling your contract.

If you also happen to be starving at the same time, the universe is not aware of it. It must be informed of what you need, and this is accomplished when you communicate with your guides.

Odd as it may seem, all things non-spiritual must be asked for.

Don't ask for specific scenarios; instead inform your guides about how the world works where you are. Your guides are your main link to the other side of the veil. Let them know that you need work.  Ask  how you can get to  a place where you are able express your talents, abilities, intellect, and gain the recognition and monetary compensation you deserve, etc.  Don't be too specific about the "hows" or you will limit the result, since it will be literal. Let them know what you need but don't tell them how to do it for you.

Your guides actually need to be spoken to. Verbalize your wishes out loud. Listen to yourself say the words. Then stand back. You will absolutely get what you asked for. Always continue the communication (almost like daily prayers) but don't forget to allow time for quiet listening as well.

Good guide communication is essential. When in doubt, ask your guides for the best way. Start clumsily if necessary, and verbalize out loud that you need help in finding the best way to communicate. Immediately start explaining what you need - both spiritually and physically. Remember - they are here to make things work for you. Their purpose is to help you bring to fruition all that you communicate to them so as to enable you to move through your karmic interactions better. Use them as your conduit to the God source.

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