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Energy and matter are one and the same thing - the POWER OF THE ATOM and the ABUNDANCE OF THE UNIVERSE are yours by Divine Right!  (Only you can liberate the power and focus it to transform your life.)

Once you know and employ the principles of Creative Visualization - no one can prevent you from attaining your goals -

Material wealthmoney2.gif (1273 bytes)- Unless you come from a wealthy family, have been awarded a large inheritance, or  -  won lotto -  you will have to work hard like the rest of us to make decent money.  However, it is important to be realistic with your expectations.  The formula is : education, knowledge, and commitment = monetary reward.  Probably the most important issue is that you believe in yourself (good self-image) and that you deserve to be adequately paid for your services.  

Professional success - There are obstacles we all have to deal with before we find success.   The task is to define the obstacles.  The lack of a clear goal/s is the most common obstacle to success, even for those with large amounts of drive, ambition, and energy.  When you write down your goals, force yourself to be explicit.  And remember - everyone has experienced some failures.  This is all part of the learning experience and is a necessary ingredient towards the success of your goals.  Evaluate any obstacles that stand between you and success.  Then devise an action plan with specific steps to overcome the obstacles.  Use these solutions in your visualization exercises. 

Health and personal happiness - It is your responsibility to have good health.  Most dis-ease is the result of unresolved emotional problems, lack of self-love and self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, unloveability, etc.  Others will treat you based on the self-image you are projecting.  If you do not think  you are worthy of happiness and love - no one else will.

Spiritual development - It is important that one has a belief system - an inner sense of hope, purpose, strength, and trust in the life one is living.  To cut yourself off from spiritual nourishment is very foolish.  There is a higher power that watches and protects the inner child within us - even though we are adults.

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People visualize whether they know it or not.  You visualize with your mind - not with your eyes.  Everyone does it but many people think and visualize negative thoughts with harmful results!

We speak about the efficient use of our natural resources but we barely tap the potential of our own selves - we are the most under utilized resource imaginable!


It is not just being rich or having all that you desire.  It's living a full and meaningful life in which you actually accomplish whatever you set out to do - in being healthy, happy, secure in your marriage, finances, education - in becoming the person you want to be.

CREATIVE VISUALIZATION is when we can individually manage our own destiny . . . accepting it as personal responsibility.   There is more to success than survival!!  We desire things.

Desire is a form of energy - an emotional electricity.  When you feed electricity into something it always creates a magnetic field that can work either positively or negatively.  Fear is a very powerful emotion and attracts the very things we do not want.  Fear is negative. 

It's important to have a good self-image in which you see yourself as the kind of person you want to be, living the life you want to live - healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, beautiful - surrounded by friends and opportunities. 

Recognize that we all have far greater potential than we usually use.  CREATIVE VISUALIZATION is a technique for mobilizing our inner resources for success.  It can and will transform your life. 

Most of our creative mind power is wasted because of conflicts within - unresolved desires and instincts and even unknown fears - that rob us of success.  To liberate this natural power to fulfill your desires, you must bring together all the faculties, the senses, the brain itself, into a unified field, eliminating all interior barriers to the attainment of your goals.

Unity requires a method that will:

1.  Be controlled by your Rational Mind. 

2.  Accepted by your Instincts.                      

3.  Enlists the help of your Physical Senses.     

4.  Appeals to your Emotions.                                 

Think of the formula - R I P E -

    ball(1).gif (1653 bytes) Rational Mind, ball(1).gif (1653 bytes) Instincts, ball(1).gif (1653 bytes) Physical Senses, ball(1).gif (1653 bytes) Emotions

What gets in the way -

When purposes and goals are not achieved in life, we find substitutes to dull the full impact of failures and therefore we are not forced to confront life as it really is.  These substitutions have been called "INSTEADS" 

ball(1).gif (1653 bytes)  When we were small and got angry, our parents stopped us immediately just as their parents stopped them.  Since we were not allowed to deal with anger, we agreed to insteads.

ball(1).gif (1653 bytes)  Overeating is commonly used instead of anger as is alcoholism and gambling

ball(1).gif (1653 bytes)  Depression is also an "instead" for anger or a failed purpose.  Depression is merely a lower level than boredom.

ball(1).gif (1653 bytes)  Criticism is also an "instead" for anger. Criticism is a way of not feeling your own unhappiness and failure by finding fault with someone else.

ball(1).gif (1653 bytes)  Physical illness is another common "instead".  An endless parade of colds, colitis, skin and back problems, flu and fatigue are often a diversionary effort on the part of your subconscious mind when you failed to achieve a goal.

ball(1).gif (1653 bytes)  Constant diversion.  Many people use the continual noise of a television set or a radio, endless telephone calls, reading . . . all instead of thinking about their problems and finding solutions.

All of this behavior is often compounded by a form of learned helplessness in which you were rewarded  for being an invalid as a child.  Take a look at the "insteads" in your life and see how they prevent you from living in the NOW and from reaching your goals.

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Many people have never used visualization.  However, the more vividly you can create a mental picture of what it is you desire, the greater your success towards its realization.  It is important to practice to develop your ability to focus your mental energy to achieve your goals. 

Sit in a comfortable position, loosen any tight clothing and close your eyes while you take several deep breaths - inhaling and exhaling until you begin to feel calm and relaxed.  Clear your mind of clutter and just breathe slowly.  Just relax.  

When you have reached this state of calm - visualize a white background . . . on that white background mentally draw:

a square - a circle - a triangle - a rectangle.  Now color in each of the figures with the following colors:

red square, circle, triangle, rectangle

blue square, circle, triangle, rectangle

green square, circle, triangle, rectangle

yellow square, circle, triangle, rectangle

Now draw the following:

Three squares with the 2nd one - 2x as big as the 1st and the 3rd - 2x the size of the 2nd square

Repeat the exercise using circles, triangles, rectangles. 

Once you have mastered these exercises think of some of your own.  The combinations are unlimited.

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You may try imagining yourself in an Enchanted Garden - picture the landscape - the emerald green grass and the beautiful vivid colors of all the flowers.  Smell the flowers and the grass.  Feel the joy and serenity of just being in this garden.   Is there someone else with whom you would like to be with in the garden?   Visualize that person sitting on the stairway next to you.

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Or perhaps you are an incurable romantic.   Are you looking for a relationship? Visualize

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that very special person you desire.   Feel the sensitivity and love radiating from the both of you.  Keep your expectations realistic.  No one is perfect - you must live the ideal yourself.

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Perhaps you wish you could feel the joy you felt as a child when life seemed to be a merry-go-round of fun and adventure.   Imagine yourself on a carousel.  Feel the joy and lightness of being young and happy.  Feel the adventure of riding on your favorite horse.

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Maybe  you enjoyed the fantasy stories of The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland.  Imagination is wonderful as long as one is able to recognize what is just fantasy and what is creative thought.  Without imagination, we could not realize all the wonderful creations of man.  One must first see a vision in his mind and then endeavor to make it a reality.

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Imagine the desired goal as already being accomplished or obtained.  Feel the emotional satisfaction it brings . . . enjoy it now.

Augment your visualization with verbalization.  Say out loud what it is that you are visualizing . . . repeat this three times at each visualization.

The mere act of expectancy is sufficient to influence the outcome of events of your life.  To achieve a positive outcome, expect a positive outcome.

Remember - Doubt is a monster.  If you doubt, you put your mind in a state of confusion and negate the vital powerful, positive energy of the subconscious which is capable of successful goal achievement.  You must have unquestioning belief in the fact that you have achieved the goal.

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Stairway to Success

Plan your Life Constructively

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You may not be able to plan more than a step or so ahead at any given time, and it is better that your plans remain flexible to your  inner and outer development; but the fact that you are in a position to plan as you go on - is what will make this stairway so   distinctively YOURS.  Consider it this way - it is rather like building a stairway; each individual stair in turn lifts you to one stage UP & ONWARD towards your main purpose.  Begin at the bottom and build a foundation always keeping in mind what it is you wish to accomplish (top of the stairway).  This will help you to make firm decisions if alternative ways of ascent make their appearance.

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