I am Kryon

of Magnetic Service


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I am Your Link with the Universe

This web page may contain some of the most enlightening glimpses of things to come ushered in with the new millennium. Our planet has reached a time of dimensional shift and change and the news is exciting. Through the inspired channeling of Lee Carroll of the entity he calls Kryon, we are advised of the love and recognition felt for all of us from beyond the veil. Mr. Carroll has written a series of books compiled of his many channelings. He brings answers from Kryon to questions submitted by people from all over the world who have read his books and attended his lectures. In 1995, Mr. Carroll lectured at the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T.) at the United Nations. S.E.A.T. is called a cultural society, and has been the quiet meditation arm of the United Nations for fifteen years, having its sanction secured by the UN body. Below is my attempt to bring excerpts from the books:

The End Times

Who is Kryon?

"My name isn't really Kryon, and I am not a man. I wish I could impart to you what it is like to be the entity that I am, but at this time, because of basic human implants of psychological restriction, you simply are unable to understand. I am KRYON of "magnetic service". I have created the magnetic grid system of your planet. This took eons of Earth time. It was balanced and re-balanced to match the physical vibrations of your evolving planet. Earth polarity was altered many times. Your science can prove this; look for soil strata that will show multiple "flips" of north and south polarity of the Earth during its development. (The Earth did not flip; only the polarity).

"We are all linked together. We are the great "I AM" as your scriptures call God. When I send the message "I am Kryon", there is a communication that I belong to the whole, and my signature is Kryon. We are God. You are a piece of God, and you have the power to become as high on your side of the veil as you were before you came . . . and you are loved without measure. We are all collective in spirit, even while you are on Earth, veiled from the truth."

You are an angel! And you have come to Earth to bring joy and share your light with everyone with whom you contact. Everyone you touch will be bathed in your light. Remind others that they too are beautiful Messengers of Light.

"You are each high entities of your own who agreed to come to earth to work in the Great Plan. You as humans have implants that will never let you understand this side of the veil on a reasoning level. There is only one way you can begin to understand . . it must be done by balancing your biology with your spirituality. Your spiritual side is pure and unaffected, and is still intact without restriction. With a balance of the power of your spiritual side, your biological structure (mind and physical body) will no longer be limited in scope of understanding. Many of you call this balance "enlightenment."

"Each human is implanted with many limitations and restraints of conscious thought. It is your understanding that everything has a beginning and an end. But, if you were told that something always "was" and always "will be" - you would have difficulty understanding this concept. However, if you were to imagine yourself standing inside a large bubble, could you show where the bubble starts and ends? . . . or perhaps how it originated? You perceive time as linear and constant with only two dimensions. It is only in the last few generations that you have realized that time is relative (is not actually constant) but you still have no concept of its third dimension. Constant "reliable" time is an Earth concept. On the other side where I am - there is a very different kind of time, and everything is in the "now."

"With all your scientific endeavors, you have been restricted to two dimensional thinking. You have not yet discovered the balance and have not related it to science. The spiritual sciences of the universe are logical, predictable, and are based on numbers and formulas that always work. It is a "marriage" of the physical and the spiritual, and proper implementation that brings about consistent, observable changes. This is my service, and I know of these things. What you are missing is the balance with the spiritual part that will enable your science to leap forward in a spectacular manner when you achieve this balance".

"As humanity proceeds forward you will be given the opportunity to see the results of the marriage of the physical, mental, and spiritual to achieve real science. The missing part, being the spiritual, has been shunned by your scientists all these hundreds of years as non-scientific. This is ironic in that the spiritual is where the real power and understanding is! You will never achieve sustained space travel without it. You will also never be able to alter or understand gravity, and most important, the transmutation of matter. How would you like to neutralize al your atomic waste, so that a child could play with it, as sand? It is not difficult to do, but it requires skills that you have not yet used, but that you now have the power and permission to develop. You have earned these things"!

"From my standpoint the power you have never used yet is in my domain. You have absolutely enormous raw power resources that exist through the understanding and regulated use of the magnetic fields of your planet. All the energy you ever need is there, not to mention the secret of passive flight using the magnetic grids. At this point humans are as tiny molecules on a giant magnet, a magnet which is able to move things with enormous force if called on, but humans are only able to see far enough to dig tiny holes in the surface and suck out minuscule pieces of iron to burn for heat and power. You are like ants of a generator, wishing for electricity. The forest has eluded you, while you concentrate on consuming one leaf for fuel".

"Magnetic fields are very significant to your biology! In addition, magnetic fields can (and do) affect your spiritual consciousness. The magnet field of your planet is necessary for your biological health, and is fine tuned to fit within your spiritual scheme". The magnetic field of your planet was carefully placed for your health - and your lessons. Look around you. What other planets do you find with magnetic fields? It is not a natural occurring force".

"Every organ in your body is balanced magnetically (polarized) and is sensitive to outside fields. Troubles with brain, thyroid, heart, kidney and adrenals are suspects for magnetic disturbance. Psychics are reading your own personal magnetic field. More accurately, they are perceiving the balance of your field. Magnetism is the couch that human consciousness and biology has been sitting in for its entire existence. If you had realized this, and given it creditability on your planet earlier, many of your diseases would now be understood and dormant. You must balance magnetically what you put in your bodies! How has this escaped you? The immunity disease you are now fighting on Earth is magnetically controllable. Spend time altering its magnetic properties and watch what happens".

"Electricity is all around you, and you already are beginning to notice the negative effects of artificially created magnetic fields on your health. All artificial magnetic fields should be shielded from your body. You have the technology for this and should protect yourself. some of the diseases that are typical only to your affluent western society are a direct result of many artificial magnetic fields around you".

"Humans have always searched for God. This is a home-sickness that reflects the absence of your connection to communication beyond the veil while you are "in lesson". As humans you are to live through many experiences during lifetimes of expression, creating the energy needed to bring the vibration of the planetary consciousness to its highest attainable level. There is only one reason for all of your existence of Earth - you are in lesson for the purpose of raising the vibration of the whole. This energy transmutes negativity which is the absence of enlightenment, and if left unchecked, will be found more and more. Please accept this. This is not planetary information, but universal information".

What is the significance of the number "666" that has been equaled to the anti-God or anti-Christ end times? What is the "mark of the beast"?

The "mark" has been equaled by humans to everything from your government's assigned work number to the computer code on the packages you purchase in the stores. However, it is the magnetic balance of your cellular biological code (DNA). Therefore, all of you who are balanced are neutral. The ones who are not are marked for change (although this can be altered at any time). The beast as it has been called is the unenlightened self in each of you. It was called the "beast" because of the potential actions of the unbalanced leaders during the upcoming realignment times . . . as the "beast" among you devouring the peace. Therefore, the unbalanced have the mark of the "beast".

"The significance of the three "6's" together is as follows:

Each "6" represents one of the three "math base six" calculations for the Earth.

button12.gif (7346 bytes)The first "6" is time. This base six system was derived from the Earth's rotation, and you have used it faithfully from its original discovery.

button12.gif (7346 bytes) The second "6" represents the magnetic compass system of 360 degrees, developed again through the demands of Earth's physical properties, being circular.

button12.gif (7346 bytes) The final base "6" system is gravity. When you are able to calculate it and manipulate it, you will discover it is also a base six system.

"The specter of a human entity representing the power of darkness on Earth who had an evil number on its head was not channeled information. It was created by men for men's purposes. The "anti-Christ notion came out of the fact that the unbalanced ones will carry the unenlightened energy which is contrary to the great love messages of the master Jesus".

Remember you must move away from any previous ideas of what the "end times" should mean to you. If you are of the Christian faith, then I would ask you to continue to keep your eyes on Jesus the teacher, and in perfect love - ask for guidance - not based in men's doctrine, but in God's wisdom".


Kryon speaks:   "I have told you many times that I have arrived here by design -  that I was called here through the acts of 50 years of humans having changed this planet.   I come to readjust your magnetic grid system for your health and enlightenment . . . for your imprint.  I come to tell you that intervention is possible now (from Spirit).  You may ask for implants to void your karma.  You may take your power; you may become beings of light (light referring to the power of the higher self).   You may change the vibration of his planet.  You may go to "graduate status", and then communicate with other dimensions.  This is the purpose, and why I am here.  But it all comes down to you and your higher soul-self (no matter how many support entities are around you)".

"I come from the Sun within the Sun, from the great central area.  Here is the theme of the center going outward.  Now I tell you that it has another name, and one you will hear often (look for the proof).   It is the Prime Creative Force.  This is where I emanate from.  What I do for you now, I have done for others many, many times.  It is the love and compassion of Spirit that sends me to you now, and loves you as you sit here . . . each by name.   I am sent by a group you call the Brothers, or perhaps "The Brotherhood".  This group has always been on the Earth, and is very, very old.  It is the group by which I am directed".

"Each galaxy has a creative direction . . . a group which has a name.  Spirit rarely numbers anything.  Spirit knows all the parts by NAME.  It is human to number these things.  The name at the center of the galaxy of the group which is responsible to you is yet unknown to you so tonight we shall call them the Sagittarians.  We call them this because when you go outside and look in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, they are there.  For in doing this, you look toward the center of your galaxy, the Milky Way.  (This is not to be confused with those of you born under the sign of Sagittarius; this is only a directional reference to where this group is located).  The ones next in line to these, which are closer to you than these - and which interface with you directly, currently channeling on this planet . . . you have named in your culture    "The Arcturians" .  They have the ability to become visible and invisible to you.  They bring you great messages of love.  Their main work is for the young ones of the planet, and they freely channel wonderful, helpful information."

"The ones who walk among you, whom you will relate to the clearest and easiest are the ones you love dearly, and here to watch and prompt you in love.  They are like you; they have biology that is yours.   They are your seeds, and are from the "Seven Sisters".  They are the Pleiadians.  They bring information of the way things work around you, from the perspective of beings with the same biology as you, who are enlightened as to what is happening in relation to your humanness - very practical. "

"There are the ones some of you know in your culture as the "Solar Group".  These are your Angels.   They are the ones who watch over you and bring to you wonderful information, more actual Universal history than any of the others, for the others are facilitators.   Their color "gold" will identify them.  I speak now of the names you know as Solara, and the

Archangel Michael

St. Michael the archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against all negativity and evil.

They love you dearly as the Kryon does.   Look to their channeled information, and use it."

"Dear ones, if I have not said so before, I tell you now that you cannot possibly listen to only one group, or one support, or one channel, and know everything.  We are specialized.  Look for, and consume all of the information from the many, and it will fit together for your puzzle and for your enlightenment."

"Then there are the ones who are the Ascended Masters.  Their attributes are that all of them have been on Earth as humans.  Their task is to return, via channeling, to give you instruction sets, information that is practical for you to know from their perspective of having themselves been here on earth before.  These are masters such as Jesus, John the Baptist, King Solomon, King Arthur, many Pharaohs, and those who have sat in high places of great wisdom.  Names like El Morya, Sananda, Mahatma (St. Germaine), Kuthumi are only some among the many bringing the information for your culture.  Listen to their instructions, for they will be specific."

"Many of you spend a great deal of time trying to understand the workings, history and meaning of things.  Some of you spend huge amounts of energy and riches in the endeavor to solve unexplained phenomena, or the mystical meanings of objects and structures left for you to ponder.  This is your human intellectual approach to apparent self-discovery, under the pretense that if you know about these things, then you will know about yourself.  However, this is a time for you to grasp the essence and emotion of who you are and really see as much of the "piece of God" that is you which you are allowed to see in lesson.  As previously mentioned, this is easier now and is offered to all who are ready, instead of just a selected few.  Because of this, the subject of your self-discovery is dripping with potency, excitement and fulfilled dreams.  This is your "take charge" action that is felt but not analyzed, and it is the new gift that is standing before you, waiting for you to acknowledge.  However, it requires courage to move through your fear of it."

"Please be clear and understand the following:  You are all high entities walking on this planet, disguised as simple biological beings . . . and the disguise fools everyone - even you.  This is the basis of "duality". 

You are really two people.  The "real you" is the high entity, whose power and knowledge each of you owns, and the "phantom" is the shell of humanism in lesson.  The irony here is that you perceive the phantom as real, and the real you as the phantom.  Many of you don't perceive the real you at all!  The biggest discoveries in lesson that you will make are concerning this duality.  The biggest successes you will have in growth are based in understanding how the duality works, and finally gaining realization of the reversed "real" and "phantom" roles.  Although you cannot see your higher self (for this would void the purpose of your lesson) you can gain a working knowledge and understanding of the reality of who you are.  When this occurs, then you can take your power . . . and not before.  Therefore, your area of discovery is that of self-awareness and the truth of duality within you, and how to enhance it."


Please explain the difference between "linear" time and "now" time.


"Imagine a train track that is constructed in a very large circle. There is a small train on it that represents you. It is always in motion, traveling approximately the same speed. The track is your linear time frame and the train is you, in linear time motion, always moving forward from where you were to where you will be. Since the Universe built the track, and the tracks around it of other linear time events, it knows exactly where it is going, and what events will eventually come along to break your circle. At any time we wish, we can look to the left or right, observing not only what was, but the place the train will be in the future. This is how we can be in the static "now" while you are in motion."

"What we do not know, however, is what you are going to do with your train on the track we have built. How many cars will you add or subtract; what color will the train be? Will you destroy the train? Will you clean it and repair it, or let it go into disrepair until it stops? Will you make it more efficient, thereby changing its speed? All these things are open to you."




A guide to human transition into the New Age.


Kryon really lets us know that all is well and we have work to do.


Lee takes us to places like truth, hope, destiny, awareness, and home.




"Partnering with God has nothing to do with the shepherd/sheep relationship. Some of you have equated God with a parent, a heavenly father or mother; and you are the child. Some have said, "I'm going to let go and let God take over!" In this New Age, you must take control with a partner that sees the overview - that's "Partnering with God". Some of you have said, "I'm going to surrender my life and let God have His will". And we say - NO! Don't surrender! Instead - Commit! - not surrender. Commitment is to take charge of your life with a partner like God.

There is an integration going on between human beings and Spirit that is an integration like never before. Gone are the days when God does everything for you. Instead, you are to participate in the process in a way you were never allowed to before.

The goal of the partnership with God is to do everything you can to draw closer, and if you're going to draw closer, the duties of the partnership are for you to do everything you can for a meld between you and God. The first thing we wish you to do is to clear that old karma and get it out of the way."

Co-creation. What does it mean?

"Co-creation is that process where you create the reality of your life, which is to find your current contract. Contracts are not always grandiose, you know. "

"Co-creation is that duty that requires you to believe that all these things are possible. Often there is an area of self-worth that gets in the way of these partnering duties."

"Metaphorically, there is a room in your House of Lesson that has within it a golden chair. This is a throne where an angel sits that is glorious and spectacular! And on the face of that angel is your likeness! "

"When you sit down to meditate, the first thing that you should visualize is that golden angel that sits in that throne inside you as a piece of God, deserving to sit in that chair! "

This opens the conduit - believe me. Again, it is the self-worth issue. Understand the piece of God that you are. Open the door and start the conversation. Don't come in a manner that is groveling. Don't come as a child does to a parent, or a sheep to a shepherd. It's time to talk to your partner, whom you love dearly, and sit in that chair as an angel as you speak. Feel those wings unfold, and open the conversation as an equal. That's number one! You deserve it. If you don't feel that deserving, you're not going to even open the communications. You can verbalize all you want to, as a groveling human being, hoping that God will listen. the works are going to fall right off the ceiling!"

You see, Spirit wants to talk to you as a partner. That is step one.

Step two is to ask those magic questions: "Where do you want me now? What can I do to partner better with you? Give me instructions regarding this week, for instance.

"Some of you are facing daily problems. We know that most of you have these kinds of things to deal with. Approach them in this manner: "Dear Spirit, I wish to partner with you. I deserve to be here in my magnificence for answers from my partner, who is also magnificent. How can I have this or that take place? What can I do next? Give me the synchronicity around my living that shows me the answers, and I will respond by being aware that there are no accidents in my life."

"The last thing that your spiritual God partner wants to hear is that you think you know what the overview is. Because Spirit, your partner, is in a different time frame - we are in the "now" and we have an overview that would astound you. We know your contracts and we know your angelic name. We see your Merkabah, we know your colors. We know who you are! And in partnering with us, you have it all. You get a partner that has knowledge you do not, but you must ask and give intent."


This book was the last work before the new millennium.  In it is the plea to use spiritual logic to see what belongs to god and what belongs to Human Beings.